Monday, July 16, 2007

Spotlighting: A Shred of Truth by Eric Wilson

About The Book

“Violence has long been my way of life. For years, rage coursed through my veins like a poison . . . last October it all began to change.”

In The Best of Evil, Aramis Black uncovered family secrets and historical conspiracies, hoping that his own dark past had come to certain resolution. But now, in the dark of night, he finds his brother unconscious and tied to a statue in Nashville’s Music Row . . . with the initials AX carved into his back.

A shadow from his former life has reappeared, casting threats of violence and retribution. And soon the attacker is swinging his blade of self-righteous judgment directly at Aramis, calling upon him to “face his sins.” Can Aramis finally break free from the guilt of his old ways . . . or will he succumb to the vengeance of an arrogant sociopath?

Illuminating Fiction Comments

Eric Wilson’s latest novel is wonderfully crafted, weaving a number of issues into a complex mystery that will keep readers guessing right until the end. Just when I thought I had the culprit figured out, Eric delivered yet another twist to deflect suspicion.

Readers will identify with Eric’s multifaceted characters. Their struggles and inner conflicts are very real, and many have well balanced good and bad aspects.

Themes contained in the book include determining fact from fiction and racism. A Shred of Truth explores the impact of urban legends in today’s society and highlights how gullible we can be to all forms of media.

As in his previous books, Eric incorporates historical fact into the storyline, creating an entertaining yet enlightening novel.

For readers who love suspense and mystery, I recommend a cup of your favorite coffee, a cosy chair, and A Shred of Truth.

About The Author

Eric Wilson is the author of Dark to Mortal Eyes, Expiration Date, and the first book in the Aramis Black series, The Best of Evil. He lives with his wife, Carolyn Rose, and their two daughters in Nashville, Tennessee.

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kc said...

This was the best non-Ted book I've read in a long, long time. Seriously.