Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where Grace Abides by BJ Hoff

Beneath the peaceful existence of the Riverhaven Amish community lurks a sinister evil. In the dark of night, persecution snakes through the streets, bringing fear and turmoil.

Captain Jeremiah Grant longs to be close to the woman he loves, the young Amish widow Rachel Brenneman, to protect and comfort her, but instead he must keep his distance. Convinced Jeremiah only wishes to become Amish to marry Rachel, the Bishop denies Jeremiah’s request and forbids him to see Rachel. Jeremiah struggles with how to tell Rachel of the Bishop’s response, knowing that Rachel’s faith will propel her to abide by the decision. With his heart aching for Rachel, Jeremiah continues his work for the Underground Railroad, helping runaway slaves escape to freedom.

With danger and treachery loitering around every corner, can those dedicated to living without retaliation overcome the malicious act against one they love?

Where Grace Abides is book two of The Riverhaven Years series. I have yet to read the first book, Rachel’s Secret, but that did not prevent me from following and enjoying this book immensely.

BJ Hoff is a master when it comes to creating characters that you generally care about. Rachel’s heartbreak and gentle faith both inspired and awed me. Hoff took me back in time, creating a setting that had me walking along the streets, standing in Jeremiah’s workshop, and trembling in the dark night.

If ever you want to escape from the present, pick up one of BJ Hoff’s many books and get lost in a past that will invigorate your faith.

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Illuminating Fiction thanks TitleTrakk for providing a copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

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