Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance Review: The Dead Whisper On by T.L. Hines

About The Book

Would You Run Into A Burning Building?

Candace "Canada Mac" MacHugh lives a ghost of her former life.

Once a proud Butte, Montana, miner who daily risked her life setting explosives, she's now a garbage collector in her dying hometown.

Her beloved father is dead and she doesn't speak to her mom. More than anything, Candace Mac misses her father. He promised to contact her from the "other side" if he could . . . but it's been eleven long years. And now even her beloved city of Butte, Montana, seems to be dying off.

Candace Mac is alone. Longing for the past. Dreaming of making a difference.

Until one night when her father's voice speaks to her from the shadows. Bud MacHugh's trademark growl. The dead, it seems, have messages they hunger to share with the world . . . warnings of impending disasters and grave danger. Of cities doomed to burn.

But they need Canada's help.

T.L. Hines' first novel, Waking Lazarus was named one of the Library Journal's Top 25 Genre novels of 2006. Now he's back with a gripping suspense that brings to light our fears and asks us if we still have the courage to fight for those around us. If we have the guts to be one of those who run into burning buildings.

About The Author

Tony is the author of the acclaimed Waking Lazarus. He has been an advertising agency owner/principal, a trade magazine editor, and now a novelist.

As a professional writer for more than 15 years, Tony has had articles appear in publications as varied as Log Homes, Conservative Theological Journal, and Travel & Leisure. He is also Creative Director at Montana's largest advertising agency.

His long list of past odd jobs includes trimming Christmas trees, sorting seed potatoes, working the graveyard shift at a convenience store, and cleaning cadaver storage rooms.

As a teen he was undefeated in air guitar competitions in which he performed songs by ZZ Top.

He lives in Montana with his wife and daughter.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance Review: And If I Die by John Aubrey Anderson

About The Book

AND IF I DIE is the third book in the Black and White Chronicles. The first was Abiding Darkness (August, 2006), the second was Wedgewood Grey (February, 2007).

In 1945, a spirit voice told Mr. A. J. Mason to “Be ready.”

In 1960, the spirit drew near and said the same words to the same man. “Be ready.”

On both occasions Mason ended up in bloody battles with the forces of evil. On both occasions, he saved the life of a young girl named Missy Parker. And on both occasions good people died.

It’s 1968. Missy Parker has been married to Dr. Patrick Patterson for nine years; they live in Denton, Texas. Missy plays tennis and golf; Pat is chairman of the philosophy department at North Texas State University.

Mose Washington, a black man Missy refers to as her almost-daddy, is hiding behind a new name—Mose Mann. Mose and the young black man who poses as his grandson have spent eight years successfully evading the FBI, a murderous congresswoman, and creatures from the demonic realm. They now live in Pilot Hill, Texas—fifteen miles from Pat and Missy. Mose is committing the autumn of his life to the pursuit of the knowledge of God and the protection of his “grandson.” His “grandson” is interested in honing his skills as a bull rider.

Close friends see portents of danger in events of the early summer and converge on Pilot Hill to warn the two black men that yet another confrontation with malevolent beings may be looming.

In the pre-dawn hours, on the second day of the North Texas Rodeo, the voice of an invisible being speaks to Missy Parker Patterson. The voice warns her that it is now she, not A. J. Mason, who has been chosen as the person who needs to “Be ready” . . . and Missy doesn’t want the job.

About The Author

John grew up in Mississippi cotton country. After graduating from Mississippi State, he received an Air Force commission and has recently retired after flying twenty-eight years for a major airline. He lives in Texas with his wife, Nan.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Spotlighting: Going For Broke by Melanie Dobson

About The Book

Leia has it all; a husband who adores her, a successful career, and a chance to finally fly with a major carrier. Just as she is about to reach her pinnacle of fulfillment, it all crashes down around her when she is involved in an accident on the ski slopes of Colorado. An afternoon filling in time at a casino introduces Leia to a whole new level of excitement. When she finds herself unable to work and confined to her house for weeks on end, Leia surrenders to the excitement of beating the game, only to find herself falling deeper and deeper into its grip.

Ethan begins to worry when his ambitious, risk taking wife starts to dissolve into a reclusive shell. Showering and dressing have become optional daily activities for Leia. Ethan is at a loss as to how to help his wife, so when she offers to take over the finances, Ethan is pleased to give her something to occupy her mind. After all, she knows how important it is to pay the bills on time and keep to their tight budget as they save toward their goals.

Tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and her options almost at zero, Leia realizes she has gone too far. Revealing the truth to Ethan could be disastrous. Having witnessed the financial destruction of his sister’s family due to her husband’s gambling addiction, Ethan couldn’t understand anyone being so reckless with their hard earned finances. Would Ethan ever forgive her?

Illuminating Fiction Comments

Melanie Dobson takes a very real look at the addiction and financial ruin gambling can cause in her latest release, Going for Broke. Although readers may want to shake Leia at times, Melanie creates enough empathy for her lead character to keep readers hooked on her destructive plight. Leia goes through the traits many addiction victims develop, including rationalizing thoughts and withdrawal. When Leia finally hits rock bottom, she soon discovers there are no quick fixes for the mess she finds herself in. Although she must be held accountable for her mistakes, Leia discovers God’s endless grace and forgiveness.

Melanie also did a great job of surrounding Leia with a cast of memorable characters. There’s Ethan’s friend, Derek, the womanizer, who discovers Leia’s secret and offers help, with strings attached, of course. Living next door is flirty Misty, who is prone to gossip and behind-the-back cutting remarks. And then there is faithful Jenny, forgiving, loving, and committed to helping people through their weaknesses.

I only had one concern within the book. Several characters lacked a balance of good and bad traits, which made them appear one dimensional. Although characterized well, I found it hard to connect with them on a personal level.

Going for Broke is an addictive read laced with tension from start to finish. Leia’s story remained in my heart long after I closed the book.

About The Author

The former corporate publicity manager at Focus on the Family, Melanie Dobson has worked in the fields of journalism and publicity for more than twelve years. As the daughter of a commercial pilot, Melanie is no stranger to travel and adventure. She and her husband, Jon, currently live in Oregon with their two daughters, Karly and Kinzel.

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